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Septic Replacement Specialists

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M&M Septic offers a wide range of septic services for commercial and residential properties including custom engineered septic field design and installation, septic system replacement, septic repair & more...

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There is much to consider when planning for your new septic system. The variations in septic field designs over the last few decades has lead to some confusion and misleading information...


Percolation tests, or "Perc Tests", are the first step in your new septic installation or existing septic replacement. Perc tests are necessary for determining the type and design...



M&M Septic has proudly served Southeast Michigan since 1949, providing a wide range of septic services for commercial and residential properties. We are a full service septic company specializing in septic  field replacement including custom septic field design and installation. In addition to our engineered septic systems, we also offer conventional septic system replacement, septic tank maintenance and repair, percolation tests, sewer connections, septic tank cleaning and maintenance, advanced treatment systems and more.


“These guys absolutely put the customer first in every aspect and set the bar for what a contractor of any type should be." 

—  Angie's List, Engineered Septic System Design & Installation

All Connected

This 5 minute video will help you understand your Septic System and how it functions.



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