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Septic Field Installation

There is much to consider when planning for your new septic system. The variations in septic field designs over the last few decades has lead to some confusion and misleading information in terms of longevity and reliability from system to system.




At M&M Septic we work side by side with local health departments and officials staying on top of industry standards and state regulations. We re-educate and re-certify our professionals every year with State of Michigan sponsored programs. We strive to bring industry leading technologies and practices to our customers so that they can achieve maximum longevity of their septic system. More importantly, we do not subscribe to a "one size fits all" approach to septic system installation. We take into account several factors in determining which system is right for you and will withstand the needs of your household.



It all starts here. Your septic system design is quite possibly the most important piece of the puzzle in determining the longevity and overall health of your septic system. We take into account important factors such as size of your household, land and site specific details, ground water testing, soil composition, and much more to design a system tailored to fit the exact needs of your home. Septic system design can pave the way for a smooth running system that can last 20-30 years comfortably or make for a nightmare filled with costly septic system backups and inevitable full septic field replacement. From an environmental standpoint a poorly designed field can also contaminate ground waters and surrounding wells with hazardous septic waste. This is why we take our education and certification practices so seriously. It is important to us that we deliver our customers with an affordable functional design that operates safely for years to come.



When your property conditions are not ideal or the soil does not percolate an engineered septic system might be your solution. The local health department may require an engineered field when the soil or ground water conditions do not meet set standards. This can also be true of properties where there are landscape obstacles such as sloping terrain or bedrock or ground water issues.

New septic install
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